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Our Story

Smart phones, tablets, game consoles, laptops, smart TVs, electronic readers … magical devices meant to bring us entertainment, work efficiency and connection with friends and family.

But, far too often we found ourselves frustrated by them instead. So we teamed up, as parents, as founders, and as techies to create a solution to manage the home network.

We want to give other families the tools to managing all of their Internet connected devices as well as the peace of mind of being able to enforce “no electronics after bed” rules without confiscating devices. 
- Candice Perea  
CEO, MCP Networks  

Our Founders

Marc and Candice Perea

Mom, a computer programmer. Dad, a Network Engineer. Surely they have no problem managing the internet connected devices in their home. Right? One would think. The challenge is real, and they know all to well the consequences of un-managed networks and the security threats that lie therein.  Realizing they had the combined technical know-how, they decided to build a solution. MCP Networks and their first product, Aerēz, was born.

George Zarebski

Dad is a tech enthusiast and Mom is not. Dad had plenty of time to tweak and configure his home network - before 4 kids! Mom just want's to watch HGTV without buffering, in the limited alone moments she can scrape together.  Dad searched for a solution that would be easy for mom to use and quick to setup, spending hundreds on empty promises from hardware and software vendors.  So when the Perea's mentioned MCP Networks, he knew what we had to do!

Together, our aim is to share with you a complete, easy to use system that requires minimal interaction so you can focus on the important things in life - Your Family"

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